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LittleDevil.Rocks earphones are the latest cool, fun & anti-tangle design

  • How annoying is it when your earphones get tangled???    The handmade colourful cord wrap reduces tangles and also looks fantastic. Makes you look cool - everyone loves cool people 😝 

    • Your new LittleDevil.Rocks earphones are packaged in a first-rate tin box. Perfect as a gift or for storing your earphones.

    • Is your sister or brother always stealing your headphones?? Not any more!! with LittleDevil.Rocks unique designs, there will be no more arguments!! Choose your colour and they're all yours!!

    • LittleDevil.Rocks earphones have been engineered to maximise your sound output while simultaneously minimising sound loss, which leaves you with high-quality audio. Cool sound - Cool Looks!! 😎

      • LittleDevil.Rocks Ear bud shape was designed to fit better in your ear. Allowing for maximum comfort compared to other style earphones. AND the ventilated design gives you a better quality bass! MORE Cool sound & Cool Looks!! 😎

        • With the in-cord microphone buttons, you can adjust the volume, answer and reject phone calls, play and pause songs, without opening your device. 

        • LittleDevil.Rocks earphones are compatible 3.5mm phone jack for use with - smartphones and other devices, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Smartphones, MP3 and MP4 music players and more 




        JACK: 3.5mm
        LENGTH:  1200mm
        IMPEDANCE:  32  Ω
        FREQUENCY RANGE:  20Hz-2kHz 
        SENSITIVITY: 100 ∓ 3dB


        COLOURS OF SUMMER: White earphones wrapped in pale baby pink, pale mint  & black

        NB: Due to variances in screen display settings, the actual product may appear different in real life than as represented on the screen.

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