Little Devil Wireless Speakers

Little Devil Rocks Instructions Guide

Easy Wireless Connection

It’s easy  to connect and use – pair Little Devil to almost any Bluetooth capable device. Compatible with most iOS and Android Devices like Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Surface etc

  1. Long press the ­power button for 3 seconds to turn on the speaker. The eyes will flash green and you will hear a chime. Your Little Devil is in pairing mode. 
  2. Go to the Settings on your Bluetooth enabled device and select Bluetooth. Your device will automatically search for Bluetooth devices. When you see “LittleDevil” pop up, select it to pair your device with your Little Devil. You will hear a chime and the green lights will stop flashing when it connects successfully. 
  3. You can now listen to music, take calls or use the remote shutter function.

Answer Calls

Conveniently answer and amplify incoming calls – enabling the in-built mic feature for hands-free conversation.

  1. When a call comes in Your Little Devil will interrupt existing audio sound. Caller ID will be announced. 
  1. To answer the incoming call press the remote shutter button. 
  1. You can use your Little Devil as hands free speaker.

Remote Shutter

Create memories everywhere you go, with Little Devil’s compact size! The mobile button doubles to remotely activate your phone’s camera, capturing the perfectly timed Selfie in a still shot or video.

  1. Open the camera function on your paired device.
  1. Press the Shutter button ④ to take pictures or video.

Battery Life

Little Devil has a rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately 2-4 hours of playing time. The length of playing time may vary depending on the sound level and what you are using Little Devil to do (ie High volume use, uses up more battery life than medium volume. Music uses up more battery life than pod casts.)

USB Charging

It takes about 1 hour for a full charge. The eyes turn red when plugged in to charge and your Little Devil is switched off.  The eyes turn red and green when plugged in to charge and your Little Devil is switched on. The eyes will change to solid green once your Little Devil is fully charged.

Your Little Devil can be played while charging. Your Little Devil’s eyes will flash green and red while it is charging and you are also listening to music.